Project Eon-LiveShop Summary



During the month of June we started the project Eon-LiveShop: 100Koll installation. Eon is a major European electricity supplier and for a few of years Eon has delivered the service 100Koll. 100Koll is an advantageous electricity subscription that is delivered to customers along with a set of technical measuring equipment. The equipment makes it possible for customers to monitor their energy consumption and the ability to control technical equipment in their homes. Via the 100Koll app, that is simply downloaded to the customers mobile phone, customers can monitor the heat, put on the coffee machine or switch on or off lights in their homes.

However, customers have found installation of the technical equipment to be a threshold. The installation has some technical prerequisites and certain technical knowledge is required to install the apparatus. Silentium, a callcenter in Stockholm who specializes in this type of installations have helped Eons customers to install 100Koll over the phone, and in order to streamline the installation process, we initiated the project: EON-LiveShop: 100Koll installation.


Tobias Tillberg, team leader at Silentium and responsible for the agents who worked with the installation of 100Koll:

If I may start by comparing the LiveShop with phone support it is so much easier for customers to understand what to do when we have the opportunity to show pictures. There are many benefits with LiveShop but the ability to visualize support flows is the single biggest factor to why we save the time in installations. With LiveShop as a tool for technical support, we feel we get a completely different relationship to customers when they can both see and hear us. To be able to show us in video creates confidence and that is very important, -and also enjoyable of course.


Tell us more about customer contact.

As I said, the customer contact is boosted when we are presented visually. When the customer can see the face of the person behind the station, we are experiencing a significant difference, -we experience a flow in the LiveShop-calls that we don’t feel in regular telephone support. We feel it goes alot quicker to build confidence when we show ourselves in the video. And trust is everything, in support as well as sales.

The ability to display images also contributes to the enhanced customer contact. The pictures make it easier to understand the installation flow, thus increasing the customers’ self-confidence when they feel they understand the different stages during the installation. It’s a big difference there!

If I were to rate the extent to which we managed to help our customers in this project, I would say 5 out of 5.  Absolutely, we have been able to assist our customers in the highest degree.


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Would you recommend other companies to try LiveShop for support and sales?

When it comes to support, 5 of 5 again. Our focus in this project has been on support but at the end of all support calls, we have offered the customer to upgrade their agreements the support revolved around, and it has worked well. For outgoing calls, that we have done, I imagine sales will be a bit tedious. Given that we in this case first must call the customer, then ask to send out a link, there may be a threshold in the sales process. In those cases, when the customer already has an interest in the product, and on own initiative clicks into a LiveShop-call, LiveShop will accelerate the call time and increase customer pleasure.

You have been the team leader for the agents at the stations, but also worked as an agent. How do you Experience LiveShop from an agent perspective?

Regarding the functionality of LiveShop, I think it works well. The swipe/pinch functionality and the graphical content of the stations is pedagogically structured, an agent can easily learn how it works. I have only good things to say.

The only thing I can wish for is a function to enlarge the chat-box for the agent, and when it comes to support, it would be good to always see the client in the image to then be able to see the customer’s technical equipment and quickly pinpoint the issue. But if the customer doesn’t want to use the camera, its not much we can do about that.

Live Shop is very easy to learn and master. We have had some agents, who felt anxiety about sitting at a PRO station, but a few attempts proved this concern to be unfounded, LiveShop is very simple. It’s really just about learning where to find the graphical content in the agent view, once you’ve learned that you can begin communicating through the images.

It is the graphical content and eye contact that makes LiveShop a winning concept.