Advania is with over 1,000 employees in Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Denmark, one of the largest and most comprehensive systems integrators in the Nordic region. With a stated goal to be the most flexible and value-adding service provider, we help our clients in the areas of IT outsourcing, ERP-systems, process automation, contact center, IT infrastructure and integration solutions and Data Centers.

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Cemametriks A.Ş., was founded in 2014 by Erdoğan Atay Yatırım Holding A.Ş. as a main shareholder. The holding has been operating in coal mining, agriculture, food and trading industries since 1910, currently investing in technology through Cemametriks A.Ş. At 2015 the owner of Liveshop, Intaktus and Cemametriks A.Ş. signed an exclusive partnership in Turkish territory.


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LS Interactive (LSi) was founded in 2014 as a young and agile startup. LSi consists of people with long term extensive experience in management consulting, sales development strategies and innovative executive transformations. Thus the company is from the beginning strictly focused on discovering and building new ways of successfull sales method and channels on the eCommerce. In 2015 LSi and Intaktus signed an exclusive partnership and master distribution contract for the territory of Czech Rebublic and Slovakia. Since that LSi is the first Intaktus partner to win the most LiveShop contracts in its territory.



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