We are now live with SAMSUNG

There is no doubt that the personal meeting has a positive effect on the customer experience and that’s something Samsung now really focuses on through Live-assistant powered by Liveshop.

Try the service yourself here and enjoy a great customer experience that perhaps will end in a Sale 🙂

Vi söker Tekniskt ansvarig.

CTO pÄ Intaktus AB

Tekniskt ansvarig sökes för heltidstjÀnst pÄ Intaktus AB
– Vi utvecklar LiveShop, framtidens dynamiska videomöten online

Vi söker dig som brinner för att möjliggöra det personliga mötet online:
‱ Du har minst 5 Ă„rs erfarenhet av bĂ„de front end- och back end-utveckling ur ett IT arkitektperspektiv.
‱ Du har en högskoleutbildning eller motsvarande med fokus pĂ„ eller betydande inslag av teknisk utveckling, programmering, systemutveckling, nya media och teknik.
‱ Du gillar att utveckla nya lösningar utifrĂ„n ett kundperspektiv
‱ Du Ă€r strukturerad och har förmĂ„ga att samordna mĂ„nga aktiviteter och aktörer.
‱ Du Ă€r resultat- och mĂ„lorienterad samt van att arbeta mot deadlines.
‱ Du Ă€r prestigelös, trygg och positiv och kan dela med sig av dina kunskaper och erfarenheter.
‱ Du har ett stort hjĂ€rta och mycket humor.

Om Intaktus
Intaktus grundades av Magnus Sjögren 2011 dÄ videotjÀnsten Liveshop lanserades för att möjliggöra personlig rÄdgivning via internet. DÄ som nu letar internetbesökare efter information och det finns ett stort behov av att fÄ hjÀlp att förstÄ information och bekrÀfta behov och de val man gör, vilket i vissa fall bara en personlig kontakt kan lösa pÄ ett effektivt sÀtt. Sex Är sedan start arbetar Intaktus med ett flertal stora kunder som driver kontinuerlig produktutveckling.

Vad kan Intaktus AB erbjuda dig?
Företaget erbjuder ett stimulerande och utvecklande arbete med mycket innovation. Du fÄr möjligheten att jobba nÀra marknadens ledande teknik och produktionsbolag.
TjÀnsten Àr fast med placering i Stockholm.

Mer info om Intaktus och Liveshop hittar du pÄ

Företag: Intaktus AB
TjÀnst: Tekniskt ansvarig / IT arkitekt
TilltrÀde: Snarast
Placeringsort: Stockholm
Publiceringsdatum: 2017-06-26
Sista dag att ansöka: vi anstÀller löpande, vid intresse skicka in ditt CV och personligt brev

Arbetstider och omfattning

Online Bank Office – Piraeus Bank

I am happy to announce that we now are live with Piraeus Bank.

Piraeus Bank are now offering the same excellent personal service online as they do in their branch offices.

The digital bank office launched by Piraeus Bank, called Piraeus Liveshop , allows customers to access personal loans, credit cards and the opportunity to open a salary account with related services. Piraeus Liveshop can be accessed from any iOS or Android device plus all major browsers.

“We live in a world governed by technology, speed and efficiency. We believe that the banking system must be aligned to these realities and utilize the latest technologies in order to meet the expectations of its customers.The service we are launching today meet these challenges of the digital age, where everything is just a click away, ”

said Mădălina Teodorescu, Deputy General Manager of Piraeus Bank Romania.

Great customer experience, Vodafone Germany

We are really happy to announce that we are now live in Vodafone Germany!
If you want a great customer experience and also a great Mobile phone offer, visit Vodafone Germany by clicking the below link:

Visit Vodafone Germany and test LiveShop here They have some great offers!



LiveShop 2.0
Dynamic content



Today 8th of November 2016 is no ordinary day, it is the day that LiveShop puts on a completely new suit, the Dynamic suit!

From the day when LiveShop saw the lights for the first time, dynamic content has been on the roadmap as a vision. We have talked about it in terms as of a dream. -Think if only this was possible… has often been said in our many workshops and customer journeys. Now it is!

This is what our CTO, Jesper Hedin, has to say about the release:

Today we are releasing LiveShop 2.0 with many exiting new features and enhancements. The biggest of which is the addition of Dynamic Objects 1.0. With dynamic objects we can for the first time break the barrier and have LiveShop objects talk to outside resources. Dynamic objects are in its infancy and we will put all our efforts in developing it to its full potential in the coming months.

This is what one of our main developers Martin Nilsson, has to say about the release:

Before and during the development of “Dynamic Content” I always believed it would be a great feature but I couldn’t in my wildest dreams see how powerful it would become!

The first step has been to develop the Swedish citizen identification solution BankID, which now fully works within LiveShop. We have developed the solution in a modular way so that we now have a generic base for all other applications that we want to apply “dynamic content” feature towards.

Humans VS. Bots



During the last couple of months we have learned a lot about bots and the fact that they’re widely being implemented in customer service channels in all places that we can see a fit. But what is a fit, and are we forgetting that humans are pretty good too?

Paul Adams, VP Product at Intercom recently wrote a brilliant post on this topic and this is what he said:

“How many times have you conversed with a voice system only to find yourself desperately wanting to talk to a person?”

Bots and humans are good at different things

First, let’s take an important step back. A bot is a simple computer program, that makes things happen based on some input. A chatbot is a bot that lives inside a chat product, for example a messaging app.

If a chatbot is being heralded as the next major innovation in technology, we need to understand how it performs versus what currently exists in chat products: humans talking to humans. So what are computers good at, and what are humans good at?
Computers are amazing at computation. They can look up data, calculate numbers, and do things like look at millions of fact-based options and return the best one in a matter seconds. Computers are not yet good at understanding human emotion. Not even close. The state of natural language processing means they can’t even understand what we are asking them, nevermind interpret how we feel by reading between the lines. We are at least a decade away, if not much more, from computers being able to accurately interpret human emotion in communication.

Humans on the other hand aren’t great at computation, but are amazing at understanding human emotion. We have empathy. We know how to persuade people to first like, and then love something. We know what it’s like to be frustrated. We know what it’s like to over-deliver in order to make people feel better. We can reason. We can listen. We know when to remain silent, and when to interject. There is no way to deliver effective customer support or marketing, without empathy and emotional intelligence. For the foreseeable future, world-class customer communications will require humans.

So if bots can’t read between the lines and make us feel better, what are they actually good for? Turns out that with today’s and tomorrow’s technology, they are good for simple, low-level, repetitive questions and tasks. That’s it. If you want to know when your next phone bill is, a bot can tell you. How much it will cost? A bot can tell you. But why you might have been over-charged? Time to talk to a human.

LiveShop wins the VMA startup competition 2016




The Visions and Methods applied (the VMA) has brought together delegates from the tele communications business since 1987. Representatives are worldwide operators, service providers, customers, industry specialists and consultants.

Their mission: Maintain intelligence and promote innovation and initiatives around voice enhanced services for benefit of the various stakeholders of this industry.

The VMA organizes an annual conference at various places in the world to meet, share knowledge and inspire. This year the conference was held in Athens, the wonderful capital of Greece.

A highlight of the conference has proven to be the Start-Ups and Innovations Contest where selected start-up companies are invited to present their ideas and new services associated with what will be tomorrow’s trends. During the contest delegates in the audience are invited to take on the role of theoretical investors and select the one company in which they consider they would invest their capital.

This year LiveShop were invited to participate in the contest alongside six other international startup companies.

During the contest the delegates were asked to consider the following assessment areas:

  1.   Unique Selling Points
  2.   Potential ROI
  3.   Customer Experience / User Interface
  4.   Size of potential market
  5.   International potential

Out of all seven contestants LiveShop scored the highest points and were announced the winner of the contest in Athens 2016.


We want to express our most humble thanks to all participants at the VMA, everyone who took part of our presentation and all who voted. We also want to thank the companies that participated in the competition and we would like to extend a special thanks to all of you who organize, and invited LiveShop to this fantastic event. Thanks!


Order funerals online with Funera-LiveShop

Funera startsida

The online funeral bureau now offers their customers the ability to meet an advisor in a a virtual meeting for assistance in planning and ordering funerals.

Web-based health centers like and ”my doctor” makes it possible for patients to meet a doctor using video services. Funera is now following in their footsteps. Since 2013 Funera provides funeral services online and are now following the example by launching LiveShops live streaming video service.

This means that customers can seek an advisor for assistance in planning and ordering the funeral in a virtual meeting online.

”Many customers appreciate the personal meeting, but also to be able to sit at home when they order funerals. With LiveShops video service, we are actually not only the first funeral bureau in Sweden but also one of the first in the world to offer a personal meeting remotely when planning funerals, says Dennis Jillvert, CEO at Funera.”

When the customer has booked an appointment for advice via video service, they receive a link that is used to log in and the only thing needed is a computer with Internet access. A webcam is not necessary because it is only the customer who sees the adviser and not vice versa. The advisor can also display different options via an interactive screen, for example, funeral flowers and coffins directly to the customer.

LiveShop are proud presenters of Funeras interactive video solution. By launching Funera-LiveShop we provide game changing opportunities that will change the future of funeral services online. This i LiveShop at it’s best, -changing the way we communicate!

Release LiveShop -Access 1.0


LiveShop access

Months of preparation, development and testing has finaly led us to the position where we are today.

The next generation of LiveShop is about to see the light of day.

Ever since LiveShop was first launched four years ago, the video standard has had its base in Adobe Flash. As we all know Flash is a dying multimedia and software platform frequently used to display interactive multimedia on the web. Although LiveShop on the Flash platform gave LiveShop customers a high quality interactive video meeting, the technical obstacles made the call cumbersome to setup.

We at Intaktus were confident that we could further improve the quality of the calls and reduce the number of thresholds for the customer connecting to a LiveShop call.  In a cooperation with PTS (Swedish Posts and Telecom Agency) who also believes in making the personal meeting via the Internet available to as many people as possible, we have been working to upgrade our existing service and accelerate the release of LiveShop Access 1.0.

LiveShop Access 1.0 runs in standard web browsers using HTML5 and webRTC (Web Real Time Communication). WebRTC is an open source video codec developed by Google. Although Google is the creators of this new standard, Microsoft recently announced they will develop support for webRTC in the coming version called Object RTC. The ORTC initiative is a project supported by Hook Flash, Microsoft, Google and others and will be integrated in Microsoft’s upcoming web browser, Microsoft Edge. This confirms webRTC as the future of streaming video.

The backend in LiveShop has also seen some adjustments and is now both more secure and more powerful.

LiveShop Access 1.0  contains the same appreciated functionality as before but with numerous upgrades and enhancements. Flash has numerous limitations that WebRTC addresses. LiveShop Access 1.0 gives  you better picture and sound quality, support for mobile devices, faster processing of graphical objects and compatibility for modern business applications to name a few.

Access 1.0 is only the beginning, but a sure start and the future of the personal meeting online.

/The LiveShop Crew

Project Eon-LiveShop Summary



During the month of June we started the project Eon-LiveShop: 100Koll installation. Eon is a major European electricity supplier and for a few of years Eon has delivered the service 100Koll. 100Koll is an advantageous electricity subscription that is delivered to customers along with a set of technical measuring equipment. The equipment makes it possible for customers to monitor their energy consumption and the ability to control technical equipment in their homes. Via the 100Koll app, that is simply downloaded to the customers mobile phone, customers can monitor the heat, put on the coffee machine or switch on or off lights in their homes.

However, customers have found installation of the technical equipment to be a threshold. The installation has some technical prerequisites and certain technical knowledge is required to install the apparatus. Silentium, a callcenter in Stockholm who specializes in this type of installations have helped Eons customers to install 100Koll over the phone, and in order to streamline the installation process, we initiated the project: EON-LiveShop: 100Koll installation.


Tobias Tillberg, team leader at Silentium and responsible for the agents who worked with the installation of 100Koll:

If I may start by comparing the LiveShop with phone support it is so much easier for customers to understand what to do when we have the opportunity to show pictures. There are many benefits with LiveShop but the ability to visualize support flows is the single biggest factor to why we save the time in installations. With LiveShop as a tool for technical support, we feel we get a completely different relationship to customers when they can both see and hear us. To be able to show us in video creates confidence and that is very important, -and also enjoyable of course.


Tell us more about customer contact.

As I said, the customer contact is boosted when we are presented visually. When the customer can see the face of the person behind the station, we are experiencing a significant difference, -we experience a flow in the LiveShop-calls that we don’t feel in regular telephone support. We feel it goes alot quicker to build confidence when we show ourselves in the video. And trust is everything, in support as well as sales.

The ability to display images also contributes to the enhanced customer contact. The pictures make it easier to understand the installation flow, thus increasing the customers’ self-confidence when they feel they understand the different stages during the installation. It’s a big difference there!

If I were to rate the extent to which we managed to help our customers in this project, I would say 5 out of 5.  Absolutely, we have been able to assist our customers in the highest degree.


Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 10.06.26



Would you recommend other companies to try LiveShop for support and sales?

When it comes to support, 5 of 5 again. Our focus in this project has been on support but at the end of all support calls, we have offered the customer to upgrade their agreements the support revolved around, and it has worked well. For outgoing calls, that we have done, I imagine sales will be a bit tedious. Given that we in this case first must call the customer, then ask to send out a link, there may be a threshold in the sales process. In those cases, when the customer already has an interest in the product, and on own initiative clicks into a LiveShop-call, LiveShop will accelerate the call time and increase customer pleasure.

You have been the team leader for the agents at the stations, but also worked as an agent. How do you Experience LiveShop from an agent perspective?

Regarding the functionality of LiveShop, I think it works well. The swipe/pinch functionality and the graphical content of the stations is pedagogically structured, an agent can easily learn how it works. I have only good things to say.

The only thing I can wish for is a function to enlarge the chat-box for the agent, and when it comes to support, it would be good to always see the client in the image to then be able to see the customer’s technical equipment and quickly pinpoint the issue. But if the customer doesn’t want to use the camera, its not much we can do about that.

Live Shop is very easy to learn and master. We have had some agents, who felt anxiety about sitting at a PRO station, but a few attempts proved this concern to be unfounded, LiveShop is very simple. It’s really just about learning where to find the graphical content in the agent view, once you’ve learned that you can begin communicating through the images.

It is the graphical content and eye contact that makes LiveShop a winning concept.