LiveShop features

Eye-To-Eye Contact

The LiveShop hardware unit is built in a way that allows your agents to look the customers directly in the eyes. The result is a conversation more personal than what today can be offered by other videoconferencing solutions.

Natural Interaction

Your agents will be able to demonstrate products with their fingertips by using the customized touchscreen that is part of the console. Interactions with your customers are therefore more fluent and natural.

Interactive Content

Within LiveShop, you can showcase a wide range of products in many different ways. From images to videos, 3D animations to forms and other interactive objects. We also offer calculators, graphs, maps, and much more.

Crisp Interface

Since the video stream is separated from the interface, the customer will always receive a clear picture of your products and information elements – even on slow connections.

Direct Shopping

LiveShop can be easily integrated into your existing e-commerce systems, allowing for direct shopping within the LiveShop experience.


When more people want to access LiveShop than there are operators available, all incoming customers will instead enter a queue. A simple online booking solution makes it possible to offer appointments to your customers.