How secure is LiveShop?


LiveShop meets both legal regulations and general laws that exist for online businesses in many countries across the globe. We transfer data only via secure protocols (SSL), and have the highest security standards for our databases and backend. We also offer recording of calls as an additional feature.

Furthermore, LiveShop has a security solution for unwelcome calls, where the agent can terminate calls via a “panic button” that records the visitor’s IP and ends the session. If the same IP tries to make contact again, an agent may choose to pass the call or reject it. It is also possible to automatically blacklist IP numbers. For more specific answers regarding security questions, please contact us directly via email or telephone.

Are there any restrictions on the products and display features?


We can create almost any object and interactive element that you have in mind. The main limitation of the system is the physical surface. Any objects that we create have to be large enough to be manipulated by the agent and also big enough for the visitor to read and understand, regarding such as size of the text or details on a product.

What are the technical requirements for a call center to use LiveShop?


The call center needs to provide a permanent connection with a static IP and port 80 open for TCP / IP. There has to be a physical space that is big enough for whatever amount of LiveShop units you want to operate. Also, the space has to avoid any direct sunlight on the LiveShop screens, as this will have a negative impact on the agents’ visibility.

Must liveshop be integrated with your back-end systems?


No, The liveshop system work just as well as a stand-alone solution. However, it will be an additional environment that needs to be updated. We recommend that the liveshop unit(s) is connected to the same platform or database where the content for your homepage is stored. This way the same editor staff that update existing platforms such as the webpage, will automatically update liveshop.



What is required of a visitor to use the liveshop?


It is enough if the visitor has an Internet connection of 0.5 Mb/s or more.
Visitors will always get video and audio as their response, but can choose how they want to communicate with the agent i.e. text chat, microphone or video and microphone. An easy way to control if your computer can access the liveshop is to try to watch a YouTube clip, if that works, liveshop works as well.