How LiveShop works

What is LiveShop?

LiveShop is not just another video solution for your website. LiveShops core strength is helping companies bring their products and services to the internet in entirely new ways. The LiveShop solution is distinguished from regular web shops because of the “instore” interface that looks more like a service desk where an expert presents products and offers. LiveShop is also distinguished form other video solution providers in the way products are presented to the customer. LiveShop works as  the primary customer channel, or as a complement to the companies existing customer channels to handle support, sales and advisory. LiveShop provides multiple tools such as an interactive shopping basket to collect products. Forms that can be filled out by either the customer or the LiveShop agent, the ability to share files and links and so much more.
Our customers find LiveShop the perfect tool to provide personal expertise, explain more complex products and personally adress online customers over the internet.



Easy for customers

From a customer perspective; Using LiveShop is a easy as opening the door to your favourite physical store.

Adding LiveShop to your companies existing service means adding new ways to communicate with your visitors. Once LiveShop is connected to your website your visitors will get a notice that you provide service via audio, video and text chatting, presenting your company’s products and offers by moving graphical objects, galleries and interactive forms over the visitors computer screen.

LiveShop is a feature that is added to your current website setup and gives the visitor an alternative way of interacting with your company, brand or product. LiveShop is easy to access since nothing is installed on the visitors computer.



Latest technology

Liveshop features

Implementing LiveShop is not just about selling your products. It’s about showing your customers who you really are and creating unique bonds between you and the people visiting your website.

LiveShop comes with the latest technology within personal meetings online to provide an experience that will exceed your visitors expectations by taking voice, video and text chatting to a whole new level.

Thanks to LiveShops advanced technology you can assist your visitors in person by showing your self, display graphical content, review and share documents, fill out interactive forms and even act as a personal cashier at checkout.



Easy to get started

Liveshop install

Setting up the agentstation is easy. Depending on how you intend to use LiveShop your implementation will be tailored to match your specific area of business. Choose to target specific visitors or adress everyone on a specific page.

We take time to understand your customers journey and behaviours to determine how your visitors will best benefit from LiveShop. Our experts provide support in the operational setup of the technical prerequisites and the agents environment. We have the tools to ensure a quick and secure implementation. We offer your agents training to master the LiveShop solution and to exceed your visitors expectations from the first call.




All of the communication between a website visitor and the LiveShop agent is handled on the LiveShop platform. We leave minimal footprint on your IT infrastructure and the LiveShop solution won’t impact on your sites performance at all.

Starting off with a smaller number of agents means you are all set. The LiveShop solution is dynamic and scalable to meet your businesses needs.

LiveShop is the perfect solution for call- and support centers. You can field 2 agents, 20 or even 200 agents. New agents are easily added to the system and can start answer calls instantly.



Easy for agents

Liveshop agent

The LiveShop backend is setup on a central platform and displayed in the custom made LiveShop (hardware) station or on a regular PC.

When operating your LiveShop solution on a regular PC the agent can display graphical objects, forms and files by using the mouse attached to the PC.

In the LiveShop station the graphical content is displayed through hand gestures such as swipe to flip and pinch to zoom. The agent simply point’n’click with her fingers to drag and drop products, forms and files on the screen.


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