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With LiveShop Vodafone now offers tailored solutions

that matches the customers requirements,

providing the best in-store experience online with

impressive NPS-score and high conversion rate.



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There are many benefits with LiveShop but the ability

to visualize support flows is the single biggest factor

why we save the time in installations.

/Team leader -Silentium/E.ON




T-Mobile is one of Europe‘s largest telecom operators

and with LiveShop they have produced a full service

solution where customers receive personal help in

form of consultation, purchase and customer support.




Sberbank uses LiveShop as an online office that is

centrally managed in order to offer a personal service

with no geographical boundaries.




With LiveShop Home Credit can facilitate the customers

journey and properly address the customer’s need the

first time they call, thereby eliminating the need for the

customer to follow up with a second call.